ZAS Rumah Kopi
ZAS Rumah Kopi

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House of coffee and sandwiches.

ZAS RUMAH KOPI (ZRK) is a pinnacle of current coffee shop trends. Avenue for people who love food, convenient meal and daily dose of coffee of course. Either to enjoy it personally or with friends and family.

We sell everything coffee, best sandwiches in town and arrays of bakery goods. Get your buns, loaves and all type of bread & pastry with us.

We also have all bread related menu that suits our lines of coffee; from local favourite toast bread 'roti telur goyang' and so much more! Using 100% arabica beans, finest chocolate and premium tea range.

Opening Hours During MCO 3.0: 8am - 10pm daily

Copyright of ZAS RUMAH KOPI
Owned by CAHAYA HARIS RESOURCES (002949828-u)
Made In Rawang, Malaysia

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ZAS Rumah Kopi